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Mortgage features matter

Saving 0.20%-0.30% on an interest rate does not help if you pick a mortgage with:

Insufficient prepayment options

Limited options to port the mortgage

No refinancing capabilities during the term

Mortgage restriction

High rates on variable conversions

High penalties

High discharge fees

The wrong term

With Ratebuzz, you get to find the lowest overall cost of borrowing, not just the lowest rate.

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Our technology lets you scan the entire market for the lowest possible mortgage rates that fit your scenario.


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Upload your documents directly to our secure online portal, from either a phone or a computer. Once you get approved, you can even sign digitally. No paperwork needed.


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Our experts take care of the rest so you can save thousands quickly and conveniently.

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Feel free to visit our resources page where we answer frequently asked questions. Don’t see the question you’re looking for? Reach out to let us know what you need help with!

Ratebuzz is completely free. We do not charge any fees to help arrange a mortgage for our clients. Lenders pay us a finders fee directly for arranging the mortgage, at no cost to you.

Banks are always looking out for themselves before the client, and you may get stuck negotiating with your bank to bring your rate down. Some banks just don’t have the best rate or product available either, meaning that you are limiting yourself to their specific options. Ratebuzz compares rates and products with several banks and lenders without favoring one over the other. This means that you will not have to haggle just to get the best quote. With Ratebuzz you’ll never have to step foot into an office.

Ratebuzz works with over 40 lenders, including BMO, Scotiabank, TD Bank, First National, MCAP, XMC, Equitable Bank, Meridian, Duca, RFA, CMLS, and more.

No. We do not pull your credit report without first getting in contact with you over the phone. After which, we will send you a credit bureau consent form to digitally sign which specifically authorizes us to pull your credit report for the purposes of the application. It is only then that we pull your credit report.

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