Free Rate insurance with all mortgages

Get complimentary rate insurance at no cost, keeping you ahead in the market while we do all the heavy-lifting.

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With rate insurance, we monitor your rates monthly to see if there are any opportunities to switch to a lower rate, after your mortgage funds. If there is, we reach out to give you the options available.

As an example, if you are at prime - .40, but in todays’ market the variable rates are at prime – 1.10, this would mean that depending on the term left of your mortgage you could actually save up to thousands of dollars by switching.

Even if you factor in the penalty, you may make more in interest savings by switching to this lower rate.

Current mortgage

  • $500,000.00 mortgage balance

  • 3 years remaining

  • Prime-0.35% 5 years variable

  • 25 years amortization remaining

Saving with new mortgage

  • $500,000.00 mortgage balance

  • 3 years remaining

  • Prime-1.10% 5 years variable

  • 25 years remaining

Savings: Approx. $10,002.91 over the next 3 years

Even after factoring in a 3 month interest penalty to break the existing mortgage (approx. $6200), you are ahead $3800 by switching to the new, lower rate.

Rate insurance FAQ

Yes, rate insurance is a complimentary service offered anytime you obtain a mortgage through ratebuzz.

Our advisors will send you an email breaking down your interest savings and present you with the options, once we see one available.

Yes It does.

We would require a full application again to go through switching to another lender, including another credit check.