With our low rate guarantee, if we can't match another rate or beat it, you get $500

Here’s how it works

Get approved with ratebuzz

Get approved with ratebuzz for your mortgage application

Submit counter-offer

If you find a lower offer than what you are approved for, submit the offer to your advisor

Ratebuzz will match or beat the offer

Ratebuzz will beat/match the offer presented. If they cannot, then we pay you $500 on closing.

Our low rate guarantee allows you to put your utmost trust in ratebuzz to find you the lowest rates in the market.

Your questions answered

This offer is available for any borrower that has had a commitment issued through Ratebuzz. This offer is not valid for pre-approvals.

If Ratebuzz cannot beat or match the counter offer with the terms outlined, we will give you $500 on closing when your mortgage closes with Ratebuzz.

You must present a conditional approval letter secured from one of the eligible lenders for this offer to your underwriter. We do not accept emails/screenshots of rates. The approval for the counter-offer must have also been received by you after you submitted an application through Ratebuzz for the particular property you are applying for.

The counter-offer must be submitted to your underwriter a minimum of 10 business days before the closing date of your mortgage. This is to give Ratebuzz enough time to match/counter the offer presented.